Welcome to Vilamendhoo Island Resort


New account of 9-day trip to the Maldives. This time we spent our last hours in Kuredu Island Resort and in the middle of the morning we leave for a new island in the Maldives. Then we tell you the arrival at Vilamendhoo Island Resort.

It seemed to be a habit, but that morning we got up at six in the morning to take a dip in the beach. Specifically, in the area of ​​"water villas" on the island of Kuredu. Of all the areas of the island, that was the one we liked the most and at that time we knew we would be calm.

At seven o'clock we were at the most outgoing end of the sandbank in front of the "water villas" and we were completely alone. There we took the opportunity to bathe in the turquoise waters that surround the coast and enjoy the wonderful landscape that lay before us. Nearby was the Sangu restaurant, which includes an "infinity pool" and a little later we ended up soaking in the pool before going to breakfast and doing the check out.

That morning we left Kuredu to visit an island of another atoll. One of the rolls of traveling to Maldives is that to move from one atoll to another you always have to go through the Malé international airport, which means having to pay two seaplane tickets.

The flight from Kuredu to Male was much better than the one-way flight. The sky was clear and we could enjoy the islands and atolls from above. I really recommend that you stay on an island where you have to arrive by seaplane to be able to contemplate this beautiful spectacle.

Upon arriving at the seaplane terminal, they separated our bags from the rest and took us to the waiting room of our hotel until we made the check-in. Between that we checked in and the flight left, only 30 minutes passed, so we were very pleasantly surprised by that level of effectiveness.

From Malé to the island of Vilamendhoo It took only 30 minutes. Vilamendhoo is located at the southern end of the Ari atoll and our flight made several stops at that atoll. We got off in the second. As Vilamendhoo beach is very shallow, the seaplane could not stop at the same hotel. So he stopped by a small wooden platform in the middle of the sea and there we got off. The plane left and a few seconds later a ship arrived from the hotel that picked us up and left us quickly at reception.

The island of Vilamendhoo is smaller than Kuredu, it is only 900 meters long and 300 meters wide, so it runs on foot without problems. Unlike Kuredu, there are no electric carts for customer transfer here, and it would not make sense with how small it is either. The hotel has 184 rooms and we stayed in a "garden villa", a type of room that is inside the island, but with an outside bathroom and a small porch. The rooms with more demand are the "beach villas" and the "water villas", which we found prettier than those in Kuredu.

The beach is very good, although the erosion of the sea is leaving some areas without sand and small breakwaters are being built to avoid it. Actually, Vilamendhoo is a small piece of paradise on earth. Not only because of the vegetation, the sand on the beach and the turquoise blue of its shore, but also because of the incredible coral reef that surrounds it. It is so large and so close to the shore, that it can only be accessed and left by areas marked by buoys.