From Kampala to the safari at Queen Elizabeth National Park


We continue with the stories of trip to Uganda October 2012. In this very short chapter, we leave behind the capital of the country to move to the Queen Elizabeth NP and do our first safari.

When traveling through Uganda, public transport is missed, for example to go from the capital to national parks. It is possible to do it if you have a lot of time and a great sense of adventure, but that was not our case.

Van that would take us to Queen Elizabeth NP

To do a safari in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, we chose to hire the four-day tour with the hostel Red Chilly Hideaway, which organizes backpacking style safaris that are very well priced. The four-day safari cost us $ 350 per person (currently it's $ 400, or $ 450 if chimpanzees are traced). It wasn't bad at all!

Color your world

At 7:30 a.m. we got into the van that would lead us to the national park. Up to eight passengers can go in the van, but the minimum so that the safari could be done was six. Luckily, despite being only five people enrolled in the safari, it was not canceled and we were able to do it equally.

From Kampala to Simba Safari Lodge, our accommodation in Queen Elizabeth NP, took nine hours along a somewhat tortuous road. The roads in Uganda are as they are, with irregular paved sections, sections with more holes than a strainer and sometimes dirt tracks.

Restaurant where we ate, in Fort Portal

Of the nine hours on the road, we only stop one hour to eat in Fort Portal and 15 minutes in the symbol of "You are in Ecuador" to take the picture of rigor. So there is little to tell about that day. Most of the time I spent sleeping and the little time I spent awake I spent watching the landscape changes through the window of the van.