Goa Gajah, Gunung Kawi and Lake Bator excursion by motorcycle from Ubud


That morning we woke up early because, as we didn't know how many hours the motorcycle excursion would take us, we wanted to make the most of the sunny hours. So at 8.30 we were already underway.

The first stop was at the Pure Goa Gajah, about 15 minutes from Ubud by motorcycle. Also called, I don't know very well why, "the elephant cave." What stands out is the entrance of a cave in which the rock is sculpted in the shape of a kind of demon and inside this cave are small statues. It is believed that the set dates from the eleventh century, although everything built around it was built in the early twentieth century. We discovered a path that went down to a stream and a waterfall with large rocks with strange inscriptions. And we continue along the road, entering the jungle until, totally sweaty and overwhelmed by the heat, we decided to return to the motorcycle.

After the visit, we go to Pure Penataran Sashi. At this point, a small note: Bali is what temples to churches in Rome, so in the end one ends up a little tired of visiting so many temples. Therefore, it is advisable to make a selection. We visited this temple because they recommended it to us at the tourist office and once there a man gave us a little explanation about the parts of the temple in exchange for some rupees.

About fifteen minutes later, we returned to the motorcycle. It was very hot, but when you were on the bike it was a very nice cool, so we did not feel anything heavy. In fact, we were enjoying our motor vehicle a lot, as it gave us the freedom to go where we wanted. If we were thirsty, we stopped, and if we wanted to enjoy a landscape, too. That said: total freedom.

We arrive at Gunung kawi and we leave the motorcycle at the same entrance. The guards kept our helmets so that we weren't so loaded during the visit. In the Gunung Kawi, the nine enormous monuments in the shape of candi They are dug into the rock of the hill. To reach them you have to go down a good flight of stairs, cross a river with rice fields to one side and a temple. In the temple, that day they were preparing a celebration, and there were men and women preparing the offerings. There were almost no visitors, so we could see everything very calmly and enjoy the magnificent surroundings. There is also a small enclosure carved into the rock where you can only enter barefoot.

Very sweaty, we returned to the motorcycle to head for our last destination in the morning: the volcano and lake Batur. We continued driving along the road until we reached the point where there was a kind of checkpoint where we had to pay a ticket and, once paid, we continued driving a few meters until we reached the viewpoint from where you could see the volcano and the lake of the same name.

In the viewpoint there were several vendors tried to make some unsuccessful sales and several restaurants with magnificent views and exorbitant prices. All restaurants were buffet style and the menu came out for Rs 65,000. After discussing it for a while, we finally entered one where they left us the price for 40,000 with the drinks aside, but the truth is that you paid for the views, since the food was not much.

And here, friends, the story of a fantastic day in which we had a good time with the motorcycle. The sensible thing would have been to return to the hotel to take a bath in the pool, but at that point of motor euphoria, we decided to do the Forrest Gump: since we have arrived here, we could take advantage of the afternoon to go to the Pure Besikah, which on the map seems to be here to the layman ...