Last days of the trip to Botswana: stop at the Sun City Resort


Today we bring you the last story of travel diary to Botswana. After cross the border of Martin's Drift the day before, we spent the last night of the trip in the complex Sun City Resort in Pilanesberg.

That day we were in no hurry, but we got up pretty soon anyway. Apparently, after so many early rises, the body had become accustomed to waking up with the first rays of the sun. We ate some cookies and juices that we still had from the provisions we had bought for the trip, which was a good thing because in the Big fig inn There was no cafeteria for breakfast.

Footbridge connecting the restaurant area with the water park

Then we set off towards Pilanesberg, five hours from the Tom Burke border and two hours from Johannesburg airport. When planning the trip, we thought it was a good idea to spend the night before to be relatively close to the airport and at the same time be in a beautiful place to rest. It is a small hobby we have: to avoid problems and setbacks, we like to spend the last day of the trip near the airport.

Water park

During the five hours that the Big Fig Inn separated us from the Sun City Resort we traveled roads that passed through fields and towns where there were fewer and fewer goats and pets on the shoulders. In addition, as we entered South Africa, the landscape began to get greener, the vegetation more lush and the hills more frequent.

In the crocodile farm

However, all glimpses of wild nature disappeared when we arrived at the Sun City Resort. Suddenly, we are at the point of entry, at the mouth of a small valley between high hills, where a lot of lockers and parking lots like those of Disney Land Paris or Port Aventura. We showed the hotel reservation and they showed us the way forward. Upon entering, we saw that there were two accesses: one for the cars of one-day visitors and the other for visitors staying in the complex.