#TBMCatSur: Travelers meeting in Tarragona


This weekend was celebrated on Travel Blogger Meeting (or TBM for short), an "informal" annual meeting of bloggers, this time in the city of Tarragona. This edition of the TBM was made possible by Tourism of Costa Daurada, Terres de l'Ebre and at Tourist Board of the Diputación de Tarragona, among other sponsors, who gave us the opportunity to learn more about this area of Catalunya with various activities and visits.

He TBMCatSur He kicked off Friday morning with various organized routes to get to know the city of Tarragona. There was a lot to choose from: a guided tour of the cathedral of Tarragona, another for the mysterious cave that exists under the city, visits in segway and by electric bicycle, a kayak ride along the coast, a jewelry workshop, hiking along the round road that runs along the coast, workshops Living Tarraco and a showcooking in the Tarragona market, among other activities.

Photocall moment

In the afternoon this fourth edition of the TBM was officially inaugurated in the Palau de Congressos de Tarragona with the presentation of our hosts: the tourist offices of Costa Daurada and Terres de l'Ebre. This was the third TBM we attended after being in the Malaga and that of Gredos.

After the presentations of rigor, we gave way to the presentations of ten bloggers who had ten minutes each to expose a traveling issue. It is not easy to get in front of an audience of more than 150 people, so I congratulate all the brave, but perhaps I would have preferred to hear more about destinations and travel. Some of the speakers already did it, but since the time was so limited, in the end the exhibition was in a few strokes. With 15 minutes the interventions could have been more complete.

Tweeting like a pose

Once the day of Friday is over, we move to the Praetorian Tower, a monumental stone building that, as the director of the Tarraco Viva festival told us, 2000 years ago was the "finance ministry" of the old Tarraco, with chupatintas included. As I missed the morning activities, for me one of the best moments of the day was the concert of ancient Roman music that the quartet later offered Lvdi Scaenici. It was a sound, informative and fun way to get to know the culture of the Roman Empire. We liked it so much, that next weekend we will return to Tarragona to enjoy more activities Living Tarraco. Finally, the Association of Restaurants of the Part Alta He offered a cocktail dinner that put the finishing touch on Friday.

The natural evolution of the national travel blogosphere became apparent during the day on Saturday in which we enjoy much more technical and professional talks. Even so, as the degree of experience and knowledge of the attendees is so diverse, it is difficult for a technical talk to please everyone. Perhaps the talks fell a little short for the most experienced and the least may end up a little lost.

Anyway, we must admit that, unlike the conferences I attended in the TBEX In Girona, those of the TBM usually have a lot of chicha and the speakers are not the typical smoke-selling gurus. I learned new things and discussion was encouraged among the attendees. For example, it was interesting the exchange of opinions that was generated around the taxation of the income obtained with the blog, something that could be a good topic for a future TBM. All this you have to thank Mª Victoria Rodríguez and Eddy Lara Brito who took care of organizing everything and selecting the speakers.

The talk that I liked the most was that of Juan A. Martínez de, who told us about his experience traveling as a family. He not only gave advice, but also presented a manifesto in favor of the slow blogging.

The initiative of Germany Tourism and Vueling to invite a blogger assistant to meet Frankfurt and Rüdesheim so that later he would talk about that destiny in the TBM. Those selected were Judith Rivero from and Ana Escriche from Another very interesting presentation was the round table on the state of the international travel blogosphere.