Guide to my trip to New York


As I said in a previous post before travel to New York I dedicated myself to gathering information and suggestions from friends who had either been on vacation or had lived in the city for long periods of time. Out of all this information came this "mini-guide" that I hope will be as useful as it is for me. The guide is neat from north to south of Manhattan and finally Brooklyn.

Abyssian Baptist Church

The ideal day to visit Harlem is Sunday morning. We will start that day having breakfast at the Sylvia's restaurant, an entire Harlem institution. Then, at 10 in the morning, we would go to the Abyssian Baptist Church to attend the 11h religious service. At the end of the service, walk along Malcolm X Blvd and 125th Street and to finish the walk through Harlem go to eat the famous fried chicken waffles at Amy Ruth's Restaurant. Another recommendation for Harlem is to go see the amateur night at Apollo Theater on Wednesdays at 7.30pm.

Data of interest:
Sylvia's: 328 Lenox Avenue. Metro: 125 st, line 2 and 3.
Abyssian Baptist Church: 132 Odell Clark Place, former 138th Street, between Malcolm X Blvd and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. Metro 135th Red Line 2 and 3, take the express.
Amy Ruth's Restaurant: 113 West 116th Street with Malcolm X Blvd. (Metro 116 St. line 2 and 3)
Apollo Theater: 253 West 125th Street. Metro: 125 st, line 2 and 3.

Sylvia's in Harlem

On Saturday afternoons this part of Harlem is livelier, since in the La Marqueta room there is live salsa and a lot of Latin “bustle” on that stretch of 116th Street. In the neighborhood there is a steakhouse that is very good : Ricardo and also a pizzeria with a lot of history: Patsy's.

Interesting facts: La Marqueta: 1607 Park Avenue. Metro: 116 St. Line 6.
Ricardo Steakhouse: 2145 2nd Av. Between 110th and 111th Street. Subway: 110 St. Line 6.
Patsy's: 2287 1st Av. Between 118th and 117th Street. Subway: 116 St. Line 6.