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Saraos travelers: Ireland in Barcelona


Today we inaugurate a new section: the chronicles of the traveling blogger events that are held in Barcelona, ​​and to which Diario de on board has the honor of attending.

Well, we released this brand new section with the event that took place on June 20: Ireland in Barcelona (#irlandaenbcn), in which the Ireland Tourist Office He summoned several travel bloggers to let us know the new air connections from Catalonia with the emerald island. We have never been to Ireland and it is a destination we really want to go to, so we were very curious to know a little more about the country and how to access Ireland from Barcelona.

Roser and Luis

The appointment was in the Irish Pub Dunne's, right in the center of Barcelona, ​​and there we met Eddy Lara Brito from Current destinations, Luis Cicerone de Xixerone, Roser Goula de Semper viaggiando (with which he had already coincided in the Málaga Blogtrip), J. Alejandro Adamuz and Cristina Romagosa de Now have to travel; Juan Antonio Martínez and María de Somos travelers; and María Jesús I took from Your destinies; along with colleagues from the specialized traditional press.

Attentive to the presentation of Pura Giménez of Tourism of Ireland

While we were watching a video with beautiful photos of Ireland, Pura Giménez de Turismo de Ireland presented the new route between Girona and the city of Knock from Ryanair, which has been active since last March and connects both cities three times a week. This route joins the existing direct flights from Barcelona to Dublin, Cork and Belfast (with Aer Lingus and EasyJet). He also announced the upcoming events in Ireland and reminded us of the recent opening of the Titanic Belfast interactive center, a six-floor exhibition space that recalls the history of the Titanic, the ship that was built a hundred years ago in the shipyards of that city.

Alejandro in full twittera action

When held in a typical Irish pub, we were able to enjoy a typical Irish dinner. Among other dishes, the menu included: carrot soup, Irish sausages, meatloaf and fish and chips. During dinner, we talked very animatedly about blogs, SEO, drawings, anecdotes delirium tremens, future plans and trips, especially trips (will Ireland be an upcoming travel destination?).